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torchPerioscopy is a non-surgical technique that allows us to see the root surface directly and under tremendous magnification with a fiber optic device measuring less than one millimeter in diameter. The perioscope also allows us to diagnose such problems as cracked teeth, cavities under the gum line, leaking margins of crowns and other diverse problems through direct visualization under the gum line.

perioscopeBecause we can’t see below the gum line with the naked eye, scaling and root planing was traditionally followed by gum surgery to allow for a more complete removal of burnished calculus and unhealthy bone.

perioscope-2Perioscopy technology allows us to see under the gum line with the perioscope, whereby we achieve a 100 percent removal of burnished root calculus and unhealthy bone. This is only one of the reasons why we achieve a superior result in management of gum diseases with our non-surgical therapy.